How To Find Trustworthy Silver Buyers Near Me

Posted - December 14, 2020
How To Find Trustworthy Silver Buyers Near Me

There are a number of obvious reasons why someone might want to search for “silver buyers near me” on Google. One clear-cut reason is to find honest and trustworthy bullion dealers that will offer a fair price for their silver.  For many people, the adventure of trying to liquidate and sell silver begins with finding a hidden cache of pure silver that was handed down to them or didn’t even know they had. Old silver jewelry and coins can be excellent sources of silver, and many people don’t even know what they have until they search around.  Whatever the reason, getting a fair price when you go to sell silver coins and bars requires folks to do business with trustworthy and reputable gold and silver buyers near them. For the most part, choosing to sell silver or gold online or traveling to a coin shop and selling gold coins or bars to local vendors will follow the same general rules outlined in this guide. Precious metals are often bought together by larger buyers; companies that purchase silver bullion will likely also be interested in gold coins, silver products, and other types of bullion. It can be difficult to find the right silver buyers near me. For most people with a sizable amount of silver to sell, the most important concern is generally how to get the highest price for their silver. The spot price of silver can vary, and ignorant sellers can stand to lose out on quite a bit of money if they don’t work to learn before hitting the shops to liquidate their stock. Whether working with local dealers, pawn shops, or even bigger online gold and silver buyers near me, knowing the exact value of a given silver product is key to not getting ripped off.  But there are several additional concerns for the modern silver trader who wants to make as much money from reputable dealers as possible. This guide will outline everything you need to know in order to sell silver to local coin stores or sell silver online to big bullion dealers, from the beginning of the process to the profitable end! 

The Value of Silver

The first step to sell silver or any kind of precious metal is to figure out the worth of the products. This is a pretty big question. Silver items can vary in type, quality or purity, and weight. All of these factors, along with less tangible values like collectability, contribute to the overall value of silver bullion. Getting a good approximation for the value of your silver bars, silver coins, and other products takes a bit of getting used to.  how to find silver buyers near me One easy way to begin is to try to estimate the silver purity of a product. Silver can be deceptive; impure silver can often shine and seem more pure than it actually is. Additionally, new silver sellers are sometimes fooled by silver coatings. A product can be made out of useless scrap metal but appear to be silver because it is covered in a thin layer of silver coating on its surface.  The first place to look for a hint at purity is on the silver coin or silver bar itself. Even some jewelry might include markings that indicate the piece’s approximate silver content. Sterling silver, for instance, might be stamped with the word “Sterling,” “.925,” or “Ster.” Stampings might vary based on a few factors, so cross-referencing any stamps with online resources is always a wise move. Many silver and gold companies are required legally to stamp their products with a reference to their purity.  But even this initial test can be deceptive as well. Some silver dealers or smaller mints might stamp their products in a way that reflects the silver purity of its coating, rather than the entirety of the product.  Because of this, the only way to really ensure that you know the exact purity of your silver is to have it tested. Test kits are available online, and the prices of these kits can vary from distributor to distributor. Another option is to take silver to a pawn shop, local jeweler, or another option within your community. These shops might provide a free estimate of the silver or gold content of a particular product, although they might be more inclined to give an estimate if you become a potential seller!  Additional indicators of value depend largely on the particular type of silver that users plan to sell. Although there are notable exceptions, the value of a silver bar mostly depends on its purity, weight, and condition. 

Pricing Silver Coins

 Silver coin sellers should learn about the coin’s place in larger collections. Popular types of rare silver coins are likely to hold value, especially compared to 90% ‘junk’ silver coins. The value of 90% silver coins based on the silver in the coins. Common US junk silver coins come in denominations of dimes, quarters, halves and silver dollars.  Most junk silver coins are made of 90% silver, however some half dollars and ike dollars are made of 40% silver. War nickels have 35% silver because they were minted during world war 2 and the government was trying to save copper and nickel for the war effort.  Year of mintage is another important concern. Silver coins come with certain ‘key dates.’ These are dates where an extremely low number of coins were minted, where a major world event happened relating to the coin, or where a unique design was used.  Aside from key dates, errors on silver coins are a major indicator of value. Collectors love to see coins with minting errors for several reasons. Most simply, these coins are valuable because they are rare. Let’s face it: federal mints don’t make very many errors. Finding a coin with a double-inscription, a dating error, or another imperfection can potentially make the coin extremely valuable. For both key dates and coin errors, the best way to begin is to research online. Countless resources are available to help collectors quickly sort through their coins to identify valuable pieces. Key dates are common knowledge among expert collectors in a given niche, and these collectors in the bullion community are almost always willing to share their information with newcomers.  The price of silver bullion in the form of coins depends largely on these factors, among others. Because coins can vary so much, and because there are so many different kinds, price valuation is a matter of finding appropriate resources and researching extensively. 

Pricing Silver Jewelry 

Pricing jewelry can be even more difficult than pricing silver bars or coins. It can be hard to approximate the value of a set of silver earrings or a necklace, especially because of how many different factors make up the price of a piece of silver jewelry.  Our recommendation? Consult the experts. Online forums are a great place to start. Not everyone on forums for gold and silver jewelry pricing is an expert. But this does provide an excellent place to start. Like we explained above, experts in the bullion community often love to share their knowledge with newcomers in need of information. The big advantage to looking into the opinions of the bullion community is that these folks are unlikely to have a reason to deceive you on the value of your items.  Another option is to turn to gold and silver buyers near me. Pawn shops are one option, and some local bullion companies near you might also offer to evaluate the price of your silver or gold jewelry. Unsurprisingly, the downside to this approach is that some pawn shops or local distributors might intentionally provide a low estimate in order to make some extra profit off of your product.  The way around these pitfalls is to shop around for estimates. A variety of sources can provide a more clear approximate value of a given piece. 

Finding the Right Silver Buyer

One way to ensure you work with the right silver buyer is to research and read reviews for the company or individual you want to do business with. Again, the bullion community is an excellent resource to help people avoid being scammed or losing money on their silver and gold items and investments. Silver bullion forums and groups will quickly develop opinions on the legitimacy and reputability of new bullion buyers. Word travels around quickly, and reading up on potential buyers is always a wise decision. Sometimes, local coin shops will provide an unmatched level of customer service. Dealing face-to-face with a buyer is a great way for new silver sellers to get a feel for the worth of their item and the strength of an offer. This kind of interaction isn’t available with bigger online purchasers, where business is conducted over the internet and not in-person.  Trustworthy dealers will be upfront about both their offers and the justifications of these offers. It should not be enough for a buyer to simply say how much they would be willing to pay for a piece. Asking for a more detailed price evaluation is a fantastic way to guarantee you are as informed as possible before making a decision about your silver coin or alternative precious metal product.  The most important rule in finding a fair price for your silver? Shop around. There is no reason to commit to a single offer until you’ve received a variety of evaluations from different sources. Precious metals are often hefty expenditures, and selling gold and silver bullion coins, bars or jewelry is no less serious of a process. Accepting an insufficient offer could cost consumers thousands of dollars. Patience is the name of the game. 

Types of Silver Buyers Near Me

When searching for silver buyers near me, you’ll get results in all shapes in sizes. To start with, consumers should determine whether they want to sell silver locally or on the internet. Internet options, including eBay, Amazon, online distributors, and countless other sites, may provide the greatest degree of control over the selling process. On listing-based sites like eBay, sellers can post their products with an asking price, as well as a description and relevant photos.  But self-listing silver items can take quite a bit of time. The research that happens before posting the products should be extensive. There’s really no back-and-forth happening on the value of a silver piece of jewelry, coin, or bar when it’s listed by the seller. It can also take a bit longer, because sellers must wait for buyers to approach them to initiate the deal.  If you choose to sell silver directly to online dealers and distributors or selling your silver locally provides its own benefits and obstacles. For one thing, these methods are likely to speed things up quite a bit. Selling silver to someone who already wants to buy silver takes some of the waiting out of the equation. Experienced sellers might also immediately come up with an educated and fair offer.  When it comes to where to sell silver, there are no right answers; it always depends on your situation and needs. The only thing guaranteed is that silver bullion sellers should research and read reviews, complaints, and testimonials for anyone they sell to, online or otherwise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will start to answer some of the most commonly asked questions bullion collectors searching for silver buyers near me. 

Q: How should silver be appraised? 

A: This depends on the type of silver being sold, as well as its purity, among other factors. Silver bullion coins, for example, are valued based on their purity, dates, and potential imperfections. The best way to get an estimate for the value of your silver is to consult as many sources as possible. 

Q: Which silver buyers near me are Honest? 

A: The best way to figure out the trustworthiness or fairness of a silver purchaser is to consult reviews and complaints online. Word gets around when unfair silver buyers near me will give lowball offers or scam new silver collectors. 

Q: What is junk silver? 

A: Junk silver is a term generally used to describe silver coins that derive their value mainly from the silver content. 40% silver and 90% Junk silver Coins are considered “junk silver” if they are common dates, and either in cull or fair condition. Cull coins have been heavily circulated in the economy and include substantial blemishes or marks. 

Q: What is silver spot price? 

A: The spot price for a bullion item is the estimated value that the commodity has. Spot prices apply to silver of various grades. While the spot price of silver can be used to assess the value of the silver itself within a product, some silver products, such as coins, can have increased value unaccounted for by the spot price of the precious metal. 

The Bottom Line: Selling Silver

Finding the right buyer for your silver jewelry coins and bars is essential. Our biggest piece of advice is to research a variety of sources at every stage of the product. When trying to figure out the spot price of silver, the value of your piece, and the reputability of potential silver buyers near me, getting the opinions of other experts in the industry is absolutely essential.  Silver can be sold in several ways. If you sell your silver jewelry or bullion by listing them yourself on sites like eBay and Amazon may guarantee a fair price, it can take longer to sell and require more research. On the opposite side of things, selling silver locally to established silver buyers near me can speed and simplify things, but could potentially result in a sub-par deal.  As with many processes in the precious metal sector, selling silver jewelry or coins to trustworthy silver buyers near me can sometimes involve a little research.

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