How Much is an Eisenhower Dollar Worth?

Posted - September 11, 2023
how much is an eisenhower dollar worth

Rare coins are a great way to invest in silver bullion. Coins from early American history often contain .90 fine silver, and their numismatic value helps these unique investment vehicles diversify and grow your portfolio in a unique way. We often recommend that investors who stack .999 pure silver bullion coins add some numismatic products to their collection. Eisenhower Dollars are either made with .60 silver or no silver at all. But even despite the lack of actual silver content, some Eisenhower Dollars are extremely rare and valuable. 

But how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth, actually? Values for these storied American coins can vary significantly. This guide will explain everything you need to know about evaluating Eisenhower Dollars for silver content, rarity, and total value. 

What is an Eisenhower Dollar? 

The name for this coin comes, unsurprisingly, from the design that decorates its obverse. On the front side of an Eisenhower Dollar, you’ll note the profile bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was the 34th President of the United States, serving during the era of economic building that happened following the conclusion of World War II. Eisenhower himself actually fought during World War II, serving as the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the European theater. 

Eisenhower 40% Silver Dollar Coin
40% Pure Eisenhower Dollar

On the reverse, the coin celebrates another important American victory: the first moon landing. A bald eagle lands on the porous surface of the moon while Earth sits in the far background. The unique combination of obverse and reverse depictions on this coin is one reason for its enduring popularity. Even without considering the rarity of certain proof editions of the Eisenhower Dollar, it’s clear that the coin offers an unprecedented uniqueness when it comes to its artwork. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? Understanding the coin’s history and design is an important part of assessing its popularity. 

Factors Influencing Value

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? There are four main factors that help determine the baseline value of an Eisenhower Dollar: coin condition, mint marks, metal composition, and rarity. By assessing these four characteristics, you can figure out how much a basic Eisenhower Dollar is worth on the open market. 

Coin Condition 

The condition of a coin will always be one of the most important factors in determining its baseline value. When we refer to baseline value, we’re generally talking about the value a coin holds before you consider extenuating circumstances, such as market demand and numismatics. You can evaluate the condition of any coin – not just Eisenhower Dollars or other rare numismatic coins. 

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth in perfect condition? In near-perfect grade, some Eisenhower Dollars can be worth several thousand dollars. Coins that are in poor condition or heavily damaged may be worth significantly less. We recommend that you keep Eisenhower Dollars, even if you find them in less-than-perfect condition. After all, some of the rarest Eisenhower Dollars may be worth quite a bit of money – even if they’re not in near-mint condition. 

Mint Marks 

For the purposes of this guide, we’re focusing mainly on Eisenhower Dollars produced on or before 1974. After 1974, the United States Mint produced a 1976 series of coins commemorating the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution. But the main Eisenhower Dollars people collect come from one time period: 1971 to 1974. Among these coins, three possible mint marks can be found. 

The circulation Eisenhower Dollar was only produced at two mints: Denver and Philadelphia. Coins minted at Denver will include a small “D” mint mark, while Philadelphia coins include no mint mark at all. Uncirculated silver Eisenhower Dollars were minted only at the San Francisco Mint. The San Francisco Mint was also the only mint authorized to produce Proof Eisenhower Dollars; these coins feature a small ‘S’ mint mark. 

1974-S Proof Eisenhower Dollar
Proof 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth with each mint mark? We’ll cover some of the rarest and most popular Eisenhower Dollars later in this guide. For now, just understand that collectors wondering “how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth” should pay careful attention to which mint mark their coin features. 

Metal Composition 

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth in pure silver? There are two different types of Eisenhower Dollars: circulation and silver clad strikes. The former includes no silver; these coins are minted using an outer layer of copper and nickel with a 100% copper core. Silver clad Eisenhower Dollars have an outer layer of 80% silver, and they also include a core composed of 20.9% silver. In total, silver clad Eisenhower Dollars offer an impressive 40% silver, which amounts to about .3162 troy ounces of the metal. 

Rarity and Mintage Numbers

Mintage numbers are an important part of estimating the value of an Eisenhower Dollar. Investors often want to know: how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth today? The mintage figures for a coin refer to how many of the specimens were created by the United States Mint during a given year. A lower mintage number means that fewer coins were ever made at the mint during that year, while higher numbers suggest that quite a few of the coins made it into the hands of the public. 

Valuable Eisenhower Dollars

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? Before you’re ready to determine the price of your Eisenhower Dollar for yourself, you should take a look at some of the most valuable coins to come from this popular series. We’re going to discuss the top 5 most valuable Eisenhower Dollars below. If you have any of these coins sitting in a purse, pocket, or coin box, it might be worthwhile to have them professionally graded and appraised. 

1973-S Proof

In near-perfect condition, the 1973-S Proof Eisenhower Dollar can be worth several thousand dollars. As a proof coin, the piece contains .40 fine silver bullion, as well as 60% copper. Most 1973-S Proof Eisenhower Dollars aren’t worth thousands of dollars. For the most part, you can expect decently graded coins to be worth $30 or more. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth from 1973? While most of these coins won’t break the bank for buyers, some exceptionally fine or error editions might be worth quite a lot of money. 

1976-S Silver Proof

The 1976 Eisenhower Silver Dollar represented a shift in the coin’s history. Instead of celebrating Eisenhower and the moon landing, these coins turn their attention to the general history of the American people and government. For this reason, the coins are often known as “Bicentennial Silver Dollars.” 1976 marked the second century that had passed since the American Revolution began. These coins are a favorite of collectors who appreciate and love the history of America. So how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth from the ‘bicentennial era?” In MS69 (near perfect) condition, a coin from 1976 could be worth $7,000 or more. 

File:Eisenhower dollar.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollars

1972 Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar

Coin collectors can be a picky bunch. Did you know that there are three different “types” of Eisenhower Dollars? The difference between each type is miniscule. This has to do with what the islands off the coast of Florida look like on the coin’s tiny depiction of Earth. On the type 2, Florida appears to almost shift into another larger Island in the Atlantic Ocean. While these coins aren’t exceptionally valuable, they may sell well to some collectors if they’re kept in near-perfect condition. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth from 1972? If you’ve got a type 2 coin on your hands, it might be worth several hundred dollars more than its melt value. 

1971-S Silver Proof

1971 was the first year when Eisenhower Dollars were produced by the United States Mint. The 1971-S Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollar was distributed from the San Francisco Mint and continues to be a popular edition of the coin. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth if it’s 1971-S? These coins are usually worth just a bit more than their melt value in silver. Right now, that’s around $7.25. 

But in some cases, exceptional editions or error versions of the 1971-S Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollar can be worth tons of cash. NGC estimates the coin’s value in MS68 condition at $6,250, which would make it one of the most valuable Eisenhower Dollars on the market. 

1974-D Doubled Die Obverse

We consider the 1974-D Doubled Die Obverse Eisenhower Dollar to be the rarest and most valuable Eisenhower Dollar on our list. Even in relatively poor condition, these coins carry substantial value over their silver content. Some investors don’t understand what we mean when we say “doubled die.” Coins that are double dyed have been struck twice during the striking process instead of just one. In other words, these unique coins are the result of a mistake during the minting process. 

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth if it has the doubled die obverse error? In MS63, the coin is valued at around $55. Values climb quickly with this coin, both because of the rarity of its error and the exceptional popularity offered by Eisenhower Dollars. At MS66, Professional Coin Grading Service estimates its value at a whopping $1,350. It’s worth noting that 1974-D Doubled Die Obverse Eisenhower Dollars with a grade above MS66 are exceedingly rare and might be worth more to the right collector. 

Determining Coin Value

How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth, in addition to its silver content? There are several tools online that can help you better estimate the value of your coin. We’ll cover the top 3 tools for determining coin values below: coin grading scales, online resources, and professional appraisal. 

Coin Grading Scale

To answer a question like, “how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth,” you’ll need a solid understanding of how the coin grading scale works. Coins are generally graded on a uniform and universally accepted system called the Sheldon Scale. On this scale, coins are given a number from 1-70. 70 means that the coin is completely perfect, while a coin graded MS1 is barely recognizable because of how worn down and circulated it has become. 

Online Resources

Online coin pricing guides are one of the best ways to evaluate your coins. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? Pricing guides like PCGS and NGC can be extremely helpful in answering your pricing questions; the experts who compile these guides rely both on their own understanding of coinage and on live auction results to provide fairly accurate estimates. 

If you don’t want to put your faith in a coin pricing guide, take a look at actual auction results. Some sites list these “realized auction prices” to help investors understand how the pricing guide determined its estimate. 

Professional Appraisals 

If all else fails, seek out the assistance of a professional. Numismatic coin experts like the ones at Hero Bullion can give you an accurate estimate of how much your coin is worth. We recommend always getting a second opinion, especially if you get your coin valuation from someone who might benefit from low-balling you. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? The answer depends on who you ask, so pick your advisors carefully! 

Buying Eisenhower Dollars

You have several solid options when it comes to buying Eisenhower Dollars. Hero Bullion sells Eisenhower Dollars, and we work hard to make sure that our prices are as fair as possible. How much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? Regardless of how much your favorite coin is worth, your goal should be to get the best deal possible. Be sure to look on multiple websites before choosing to do business with one. 

Final Thoughts: How Much is an Eisenhower Dollar Worth? 

So how much is an Eisenhower Dollar worth? Values can vary significantly for this coin, which celebrates both the moon landing and one of America’s most celebrated Presidents. To determine Eisenhower Dollar values, take a look at your coin’s year, mint mark, rarity, errors, and condition. 

As always, Hero Bullion is happy to answer any other questions you may have. 

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