How Much Gold is in a Goldback?

Posted - October 10, 2023
how much gold is in a goldback

A Goldback is an alternative currency that contains actual gold. Goldbacks are not backed by the U.S. government, but they may be used to facilitate trade in several states. Because these gold notes don’t function as legal currency, their value is mostly determined by the amount of pure gold bullion they contain. After investors understand the answer to, “what is a Goldback,” their next question is obvious. 

How much gold is in a Goldback? Especially for new investors, figuring out the gold content in a coin, bar, or even a Goldback can be confusing. Luckily, one of the main benefits of owning goldbacks is that the currency is highly fungible. In other words, the gold content of a Goldback denomination can be figured out using a simple conversion system. 

How Much Gold is in 1 Goldback? 

The base denomination for a Goldback is 1. This note contains 1/1000th ounces of pure gold bullion. Other denominations include the 5 Goldback, 10 Goldback, 25 Goldback, and 50 Goldback. Each Goldback above 1 contains an amount of gold proportional to its denomination.

1 Utah Goldback Gold Note
1 Utah Goldback 

Determining Goldback Gold Content 

Sounds confusing? We might be able to clear things up. 

A single Goldback is minted using 1/1000 oz of fine gold. A 5 Goldback note should contain 5 times this amount, which totals to 1/200th oz gold bullion. The 10 Goldback includes even more gold, clocking in at 1/100 oz gold content. 

How much gold is in 25 Goldbacks? 1/40th of an ounce. The largest Goldback available is the 50 Goldback; it is minted with an impressive 1/20th oz of fine gold bullion

25 Utah Goldback Aurum Gold Note
25 Utah Goldback

Goldback Denominations Explained

As we explained at the beginning of this guide, the gold content of each Goldback note is easy to figure out. Because the notes are minted with gold proportional to their denomination, all you really need to know is the denomination of your note and the gold content of a basic 1 Goldback piece. 

How much gold is in a Goldback? Collectors are lucky that these highly fungible gold notes are minted with easily divisible quantities of gold bullion. Because each single Goldback contains exactly 1/1000th oz of actual gold, we just multiply this amount by the denomination of larger Goldbacks to figure out how much gold they include. 

So, how much gold is in your Goldback? If you’re holding a stack of Goldback notes, it should be pretty easy to figure out how much gold they contain. The obverse, or front side, of the note should state its gold content as a fraction. The 1 Goldback note will include the inscription ‘1/1000 oz gold.’ 

Final Thoughts: How Much Gold is in a Goldback? 

Hero Bullion sells a wide variety of Goldbacks. Goldbacks are a usable currency in some shops within Nevada, Utah, New Hampshire, and Wyoming. More importantly for gold stackers, these notes contain trace amounts of actual gold bullion. 

If you still have questions about how much gold is in a Goldback, feel free to contact us! 

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