7 Fun Facts About Silver

Posted - January 16, 2023
7 Fun Facts About Silver

Silver is one of the world’s most celebrated precious metals. It is beloved as jewelry and even as a solid investment that historically provides a good return on investment. However, there’s a lot more to silver than meets the eye. Let’s consider some fun facts about silver from the website that is so aptly named for its purpose, Justfunfacts.com

Silver is More Than Just an Investment

That’s right, silver is more than just a good investment – it’s fun. In celebration of the good times of silver, here are seven fun facts about silver.

  1. Silver gets a solid mention in the bible. However, as most may quickly remember, it’s not exactly referenced in the best of light. Judas betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Not silver’s best day.
  2. Silver was commonly thought to have mystic powers. As a result, silver’s reputation took a turn for the better as it came to early folklore and literature. For example, a bullet cast from silver is believed to be the only effective weapon against werewolves and others who suffer from lycanthropy. Of course, it’s just a bit of fiction but people clearly held and continue to hold silver in high regard. 
  3. We all remember tales of the great American gold rush in the mid-1800s. Well, as it turns out, silver had a rush of its own. The precious metal was found in Nevada in 1858. The following year, Henry Comstock discovered silver in California. Thus, began and ended the great American silver rush. 
  4. Silver is nontoxic and, thereby, edible. It’s true, you can eat it, and, in fact, it actually turns up in recipes. It is often present in ornamental foodstuffs such as icing and other decorative pieces. 
  5. Silver is a solid germ killer! It’s remarkably resistant to microbes. Medical equipment is coated in silver to ensure the instruments are sterile. 
  6. Silver is the most reflective metal on the planet. In fact, silver is often used in the manufacturing of mirrors. It’s applied as a layer of coating on the mirror’s surface because, well, nothing is shinier!
  7. Silver is the world’s most conductive element. The precious metal is largely used in the production of solar panels, enabling a more efficient transfer of green energy from panel to box. Gold and copper are also conductive, but nothing gets the job done quite like silver.

Many Think It’s a Great Time to Invest in Silver

Clearly, silver is one of the world’s most versatile precious metals. It has been mined and traded as currency since before 4000 BC and now it makes for one of the more agreeable investment opportunities out there. Also, silver’s reputation against troubled or questionable economies is, well, sterling. So, whether you’re new to the precious metals game or a veteran investor, it’s as good a time as any to take a closer look at silver as a solid investment opportunity. 

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