7 Fun Facts About Gold

Posted - January 10, 2023
7 Fun Facts About Gold

Gold is More Than Just an Investment in Precious Metals

Sure, most know the true earning potential of gold and how well it hedges against inflation (hint, hint). It’s the most cherished precious metal and for more reasons than one. However, as it comes to gold, there’s more than meets the eye, although what meets the eye is already impressive. 

Investing can be boring and gold should be fun. In honor of this, we wanted to compile seven fun facts about gold.

Gold, the Precious Metal You May Not Know So Well

Here are a few facts we gleamed from the good folks at The American Museum of Natural History and the ThoughtCo website

  1. Gold is the only metal that is naturally yellow or golden in appearance. It is true that other metals can attain a yellow or golden shine but only after they have oxidized or reacted with other chemicals or elements. Clearly, its golden aura is a big part of its appeal, especially as it comes to the creation of jewelry and accessories. 
  2. Did you know that nearly all the gold on earth is not actually from earth? For the most part, scientists say gold came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed. So, not only is your gold valuable and attractive, but it’s also literally ‘out of this world.’ 
  3. Also, gold is remarkably malleable. A single ounce of gold can be stretched into a 5-mile-long golden thread or beaten into a 300 square foot sheet. As well, a sheet of gold can be thinned enough to be transparent while still maintaining its properties. That’s tough stuff. 
  4. Did you ever wonder if the Swiss cinnamon schnapps ‘Goldschlager’ has actual gold floating in it? Well, it does and, yes, people drink those golden flakes. As it turns out, gold is naturally non-toxic and can be digested. However, there are people who have allergies to gold, so it’s generally not recommended. 
  5. Gold is chemically inactive. This means it doesn’t respond to other chemicals or chemical reactions. It’s not affected at all by air, heat, or moisture. As a result, gold will never rust or age. 
  6. Gold has been found on every continent and in some unexpected ways. Obviously, it can be mined and has been mined for over 5,000 years, but it can also be panned from rivers, streams or other bodies of water. More unusual is the fact that gold particles have been found on the leaves of Eucalyptus Trees in Australia. 
  7. 78 percent of the yearly gold supply is used to manufacture jewelry. However, gold serves many other uses. Because of its superior conductivity, it is commonly used in electronics as well as medical and dental supplies. 

The Time to Buy Gold is Now!

Now that we covered seven fun facts about gold… what are you waiting for? Go buy some gold!

In all seriousness, it’s the perfect time to enjoy all things gold. In addition to telling family and friends just how ageless, malleable and resilient your gold is, it also hedges well against troubled economies. To the point, there’s never a wrong time to buy. Gold’s reputation for value and growth is undeniable.

If you’re new to investing in precious metals and would like to acquire some expert thought on the matter or just want to learn some more fun facts about gold,, reach out to Hero Bullion and let us know. We can help you put the ‘gold’ in your golden years.   

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