1922 Peace Dollar Value And Price Charts

Posted - January 16, 2024
1922 peace dollar value

The Peace Dollar is a classic American icon. Although the coin was only minted for fourteen years, investors have used this Constitutional silver coin for nearly a century. The coin’s beautiful designs, high silver content, and collectable value makes it a great addition to any collection. 

For some collectors, the 1922 Peace Dollar represents the very best of this beloved coin series. How much is a 1922 Peace Dollar worth? Most 1922 Peace Dollar values range from $20 to $39, depending on their mint mark, rarity, and condition. 

However, some 1922 Peace Dollars can be worth quite a bit more. A 1922 Peace Dollar’s mint mark, condition, and errors are the three main factors that help us determine its value. 

The history of the Peace Dollar plays an important role in 1922 Peace Dollar values. By charting the origins of this classic American coin, we can get a better idea of why 1922 Peace Dollars are sold at such a high markup. 

History of the Peace Dollar

1922 Peace Dollars offer numismatic value. This means that they’re usually sold to collectors for more money than their silver melt value. 1922 Peace Dollars are valuable because of their history – not just because they contain .90 fine silver bullion. 

The history of the Peace Dollar begins in 1921 with the discontinuation of the Morgan Dollar. Morgan Dollars preceded the Peace Dollar and were initially minted from 1878 to 1904. The U.S. Mint brought the Morgan Dollar back in 1921 before retiring it indefinitely. Given the popularity of the Morgan Dollar, it makes sense that Peace Dollars quickly became a smashing hit among collectors. 

The first valuable Peace Dollars were minted in 1921. This initial minting run comes right after the passage of the Pittman Act in 1918. Under the Pittman Act, the U.S. Mint was tasked with striking silver dollars for mass circulation. 

This legislation directly led to the creation of the Peace Dollar, a valuable silver coin minted starting in 1921. But before U.S. coin collectors could start stacking the valuable 1922 Peace Dollars we enjoy today, the mint had to settle on a design. 

Commemorating Wartime Victory 

Because the Peace Dollar was released only a few years after the conclusion of World War One, numismatists advocated that the newest silver dollar commemorate the recent victory of the US-led allied forces. 

Numismatists around the country attempted to lobby Congress to pass legislation mandating that the new coin celebrate the world peace that followed WW1. They didn’t get this legislation passed, but the U.S. Mint nevertheless listened to their demands. 

Fun fact: the current Peace Dollar design is actually a second draft. The first design leaked to the public for the coin featured a broken sword. Numismatists and silver stackers protested the artwork, as they believed that the broken sword implied defeat instead of victory. 

After intense debate, the U.S. Mint finalized a new design created by Anthony de Francisci. We owe quite a bit of the 1922 Peace Dollar’s value to Francisci’s designs. His subtle artwork celebrated humanity’s greatest victory and brought the public one of the most valuable silver dollars to date. 

Peace Silver Dollar Designs 

1922 Peace Dollars are valuable primarily because of their classic, beautiful designs. After intense lobbying from coin experts and collectors all over the United States, Francisci reimagined Lady Liberty and the American bald eagle to celebrate allied victory in World War One. 

Obverse and Reverse Artwork on Peace Dollars

Like the Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollars feature Lady Liberty on the obverse. Lady Liberty herself has been an American icon for nearly 150 years. She has appeared on every piece of Constitutional silver since the late 1800s. Following in the footsteps of the extremely popular Morgan Dollar, the Peace Dollar pays homage to America’s feminine symbol with a new take on Lady Liberty. 

On this coin, she wears a crown atop her head as her hair flows in the wind. On close inspection, you’ll notice that the crown almost seems to resemble the rays of a rising sun. 

Flipping the coin over, you’ll find a similar design on the reverse of the 1922 Peace Dollar. Sun rays decorate the lower right quadrant of the coin, highlighting the visage of another classic American symbol: the bald eagle. The bald eagle watches a rising sun from its perch. 

To coin historians and numismatists, part of the 1922 Peace Dollar’s historical value comes from its symbolism. Bowing to the demands of coin collectors, the U.S. Mint released a coin with hopeful, light imagery meant to remind us of the good days that followed allied victory in the first world war. 

Peace Dollar Values – How Much Are Peace Dollars Worth?

Peace Dollar values vary based on a number of factors, including the mint mark they include. Mint marks are small letters signifying which U.S. Mint produced a given specimen. To determine how much a 1922 Peace Dollar is worth, you’ll need to take a look at the mintage figures for your coin. To do this, we’ll need to take a close look at 1922 Peace Dollar mint marks. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin - BU
Peace Silver Dollar – BU Condition

1922 Peace Dollar Mint Marks

1922 Peace Dollars came from three main mints: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Each of these subsidiary mints placed their own mint marks on 1922 Peace Dollars. 1922 Peace Dollar values vary based on the mint marks they include. 

1922 Silver Dollar 

A 1922 Silver Dollar with no mint mark was minted in Philadelphia. In 1922, the Philadelphia Mint produced a significant majority of the total Peace Dollars minted for circulation. This mint alone was responsible for the creation of nearly 52,000,000 Peace Dollars. By comparison, the Denver and San Francisco Mints produced around 32,500,000 of this coin in the same year. 

Because of these high mintage numbers, 1922 Silver Dollars with no mint mark aren’t worth much more than their melt value in silver. These coins are still sold at a premium because of their collectability and silver content, and they can sell for even more when kept in excellent condition. 

For the most part, 1922 Peace Dollars with no mint mark are worth anywhere from $15 to $30. Some coins may be worth more or less, depending on their condition. 1922 Philadelphia Peace Dollars with rare errors may sell for even more to collectors. 

1922-D Peace Dollar 

A 1922 Peace Dollar minted in Denver includes a small “D” mint mark on its reverse. Compared to coins minted in Philadelphia, 1922-D Peace Dollars are relatively valuable. 1922-D Peace Dollar values can range from $30 to $40, depending on the coin’s condition. 

Remember, 1922-D Peace Dollars are the rarest variation of this classic coin. While Philadelphia’s Mint produced over 50 million Peace Dollars, Denver only minted around 15 million. As a result, these coins are a bit harder to find – and considerably more valuable to numismatic coin collectors.

Peace Silver Dollar Coin Cull Obverse
Cull Peace Silver Dollar – Cull

Certain 1922-D Peace Dollars were struck with extra high relief as a result of minting errors. This makes these coins quite a bit more valuable, and they sometimes sell for hundreds of even thousands of dollars. 

The 1922-D Peace Dollar is the rarest variant of this coin. If you’re able to find one in near-mint condition, 1922-D Peace Dollars can be extremely valuable. 

1922-S Peace Dollar

Like the 1922-D Peace Dollar, Peace Dollars minted at the Denver Mint are considerably harder to find than Philadelphia strikes. As far as value is concerned, you can expect to find most 1922-S Peace Dollars available in the $30 to $39 price range. 

These silver dollars also contain the same beautiful designs and .90 fine silver content as coins circulated from other mints. Some investors have stumbled upon rare error coins, which can potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the collectable market. 

Finding a pricing balance between no mint mark and 1922-D Peace Dollars, the 1922-S Peace Dollar has cemented itself as a popular choice for investors around the world. 

Are Peace Dollars Worth Anything? 

Peace Dollars from 1922 can be extremely valuable. Most coins from this year were minted in high numbers, so they often sell for just a bit more than their melt value in pure silver. However, select coins with rare mint marks or errors could potentially sell for thousands of dollars. 

To determine the value of your 1922 Peace Dollar, we highly recommend taking a closer look at the coin’s mint mark and condition. These two factors are the most important elements of how much a 1922 Peace Dollar is worth. 

1922 Peace Dollar Value Charts – Is Your Coin Valuable? 

Like we mentioned above, 1922 Peace Dollar values can vary considerably, depending on your coin’s rarity and condition. Certain coins from this year have sold for mouth-watering sums at auction, so it’s worth it to spend a little bit of time learning about the most valuable 1922 Peace Dollars ever discovered.

Let’s take a look at auction records for Peace Dollar values from all three mint mark variations. 

Coin Condition Auction Sale Record
1922-S Peace Dollar MS66 $16,000
1922 Peace Dollar (No Mint Mark) MS67 $7,000
1922-D Peace Dollar MS67+ $36,000

Most Valuable 1922 Peace Dollars

The most valuable 1922 Peace Dollars typically come from two mints: the Denver Mint and the San Francisco Mint. The vast majority of Peace Dollars minted in 1922 bear no mint mark, meaning that they come from Philadelphia. 

According to auction records from the Professional Coin Grading Services, one 1922 MS Peace Dollar sold for a record-breaking $35,250 in 2014. This coin isn’t alone, either. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin - VG Reverse
Peace Silver Dollar Coin – VG Condition

Certain rare error versions of the 1922 Peace Dollar could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on their specific errors, rarity, and condition. The most expensive 1922 Peace Dollars contain rare, valuable errors and have been maintained in exceptional condition. 

1922 Peace Dollar Values: Factors to Consider

Three main factors help us determine the value of a 1922 Peace Silver Dollar. A given coin’s mint mark, condition/grade, and applicable error qualities give us insight into how much a 1922 Peace Dollar is worth. 

Mint Mark 

1922 Peace Dollar values depend on your coin’s mint mark. Philadelphia (no mint mark) is the most common distributor of 1922 Peace Dollars. These coins generally aren’t worth much more than the spot price value of their silver content. 

Peace Dollars from Denver (D) and San Francisco (S) are often worth more than Peace Dollars minted in Philadelphia. This is because these two mints produced a considerably smaller number of Peace Dollars in 1922. 

Mint mark isn’t the only factor in a 1922 Silver Dollar’s value. Sometimes, 1922 Peace Dollars with no mint mark can be worth quite a bit of money. To get a better idea of your 1922 Peace Dollar’s resale value, you’ll need to have the coin professionally graded. 


Condition influences the value of any piece of Constitutional silver, including 1922 Peace Dollars. Coins are generally more valuable to collectors if they’re kept in excellent condition. 1922 Peace Dollars are over one-hundred years old. This means that it becomes harder to find MS-graded Peace Dollars every year. 

If you find a 1922 Peace Dollar in excellent condition, it could be worth quite a bit more than coins with a cull or heavily circulated grade. 

Grading coins at home is always possible. To determine the condition of your 1922 Peace Dollar, you’ll need to look at the coin using a magnifying glass. Be sure to note small imperfections and the degree of luster left on the coin. Both of these factors can influence the overall grade your coin would receive. 

Otherwise, seasoned coin collectors tend to prefer professionally graded coins. Having your 1922 Peace Dollar graded by a professional can improve its resale value. 

Rare Errors

Rare error 1922 Peace Dollars are extremely valuable. In some cases, 1922 Peace Dollars with coveted minting errors can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the right collector. 

Read up on some of the most common 1922 Peace Dollar errors to get a better idea of the rarest and most valuable 1922 Silver Dollars. 

Final Thoughts: 1922 Peace Dollar Value and Price Charts

1922 Peace Dollar values generally range from $20 to $39, depending on the coin’s mint mark, condition, and errors. 

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