Top 4 Patriotic Bullion Products to Stack

Posted - July 4, 2023
Top 4 Patriotic Bullion Products to Stack

The Fourth of July is one of the most culturally significant holidays in the world. In 2022, a whopping 84 percent of Americans said that they planned to celebrate Independence Day. This means hundreds of millions of people in the United States will hit the streets to commemorate the day their country officially declared their independence from Great Britain and the monarchy. One little-known fact about our independence celebration is that the U.S. isn’t the only country that celebrates it! 

In fact, countries like Denmark, Norway, and Ireland hold the Fourth of July as a major holiday, and hundreds of thousands celebrate the day each year with their own fireworks and American traditions. If you’re interested in kicking off the Fourth of July with a bang by buying gold, silver, or platinum products, we’ve got you covered with the top 4 patriotic bullion products to stack. 

Bullion products have a long history in the United States. Even when we aren’t talking about classic commemorative gold coins, much of American coinage involves distinctly American symbolism. Hero Bullion is proud to celebrate this country’s amazing history with quality, high-purity gold and silver bullion products. Read on for a closer look at some of the best patriotic bullion products to stack for your collection. 

Evaluating Patriotic Bullion 

When you search for the top patriotic bullion products to stack, basic evaluation should be pretty easy. You’ll want to use the same methods when searching for these products as you would for any other gold or silver bar, round, or coin. Below, we’ll outline the history, numismatic value, and collectable significance of some of the best patriotic bullion products to stack on the market. 

History of Patriotic Coins

Silver Coin Proof Eagle - Free photo on Pixabay - Pixabay
Silver Eagle Proof

American coinage has a long and exciting history. The U.S. Mint has been using American symbolism for their coins since as early as 1794. The Flowing Hair Dollar was a .90 silver coin distributed in circulation from 1794 to 1795. It represents one of the first distinctly American circulation bullion coins. Since then, the American mint has been producing annual coins using the bald eagle, the official bird of the United States.

American bullion coins and bars often celebrate American culture and history. Smart investors don’t just focus on gold coins. There are a number of private and global mints producing beautiful bars and rounds that pay homage to American patriotism. As we cover the top five patriotic bullion products to stack, we’ll give you a close look at all of these options to help you make an informed decision. 

Determining Numismatic Value

Many of the best patriotic bullion products offer impressive numismatic value. Collectors tend to enjoy the symbolic depictions featured on these coins, rounds, and bars, and they remain especially popular among American investors. But don’t think that patriotic rounds only sell to collectors inside the United States. Collectors in Norway, Sweden, and even the United Kingdom have been fans of these patriotic bullion products to stack for generations. 

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, countries all over the world celebrate the Fourth of July; many global investors appreciate the beautiful look and cultural significance of the American Silver Eagle, as well as other patriotic bullion products to stack. 

Collectable Significance

Some investors actually prefer to build their collection using patriotic bullion products. If you want to learn more about the best patriotic bullion products to stack, consider the collectable significance of the items you choose to buy. Certain bullion items are more valuable to collectors over time than others, and smart investors develop an understanding of the numismatic value offered by their collectables. 

Platinum and Silver Eagles are always a good bet. Historically, their numismatic value appreciation over time has been impressive. For investors who have a bit higher risk tolerance, investing in privately minted products like Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Silver Rounds might be a wiser option. 

Top Four Patriotic Bullion Products to stack

Finally, we’ve made it to the part of the guide you began reading for. Below, we’re going to explain the core features of some of the best patriotic bullion products to stack. Remember: your research doesn’t end with the Bullion Academy. Feel free to search around and look for more unique patriotic bullion products to stack. 

American Silver Eagle

We begin our list with a classic of American coinage, the American Silver Eagle. The Silver Eagle isn’t the oldest coin in the world – it was only first minted in 1986, and proof versions are only about thirteen years old. Despite the relatively new age of the coin, American Silver Eagles have quickly become premier patriotic bullion products to stack for collectors all over the world. 

What makes the American Silver Eagle such a popular patriotic bullion coin? Read on for some more information about the coin’s history, design, and collectable appeal. 

History and Design 

2006 AESilver Proof Obv - coin, public domain photograph - PICRYL - Public  Domain Media Search Engine Public Domain Image
American Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle was first released in 1986, but its classic obverse design is actually far older. Mint artist Adolph A. Weinman designed the popular Walking Liberty depiction in 1916. It was chosen for the frontside of the American Silver Eagle and has remained a static design choice since then. The artwork depicts Lady Liberty as she walks forward toward a rising sun and wears her flowing gown.

The reverse of the American Silver Eagle has not been so static. Until 2021, the coin’s reverse featured a bald eagle in flight and carrying an olive branch. Following the announcement of a new reverse design in 2021, the mint transitioned to the American Silver Eagle Type 2, which shows off the heraldic eagle of the United States. The eagle carries both an olive branch and a bundle of arrows as thirteen stars sit above its head. 

Appeal to Collectors

It’s impossible to demand the appeal to collectors offered by the American Silver Eagle. The coin has been one of the top patriotic bullion products to stack for decades, and it rivals some of the world’s most popular coins. The coin’s impressive design pairs well with the high attention-to-detail offered by the world’s most powerful bullion coin producer, the United States Mint. 

Availability and Demand 

American Silver Eagles are in extremely high demand. There are a few different reasons why this is the case. To start with, the coin is immensely popular among bullion stackers. This has been true since the 1986 inception of the American Silver Eagle. Perhaps more importantly, the U.S. Mint has been underproducing these coins for quite some time. Because demand remains high and supply is low, some investors complain that premiums are unnecessarily high for American Silver Eagles. 

This might be a problem for silver stackers with limited budgets, but it also spells good news for long-term collectors. Over time, the scarcity of the American Silver Eagle makes it one of the patriotic bullion products to stack with the highest upsides. 

Eagle 10 oz Silver Bar

Coins aren’t the only patriotic bullion products to stack. Eagle 10 oz Silver Bars are an increasingly popular way for investors to put their money into high quantities of pure silver bullion without breaking the bank on premiums. 

Premiums and costs

Eagle 10 oz Cast Silver Bar
Eagle 10 oz Cast Bar

The good news for silver bar stackers is that bars offer a much lower premium than most silver coins. Coins from national mints like the U.S. Mint come with added premiums, and the issues with supply we discussed above markup the cost of these popular patriotic bullion products to stack even more.

By comparison, silver bars provide quite a bit more pure silver for a lower total cost. Eagle 10 oz Silver Bars contain .9999 pure silver and are sold relatively close to the value of their melt value of their silver bullion. 

Numismatic Appeal

Like American Silver Eagles, Eagle 10 oz Silver Bars are coveted by collectors around the world. Their numismatic appeal isn’t just derived from the patriotic symbolism of the American bald eagle. These particular bars offer a rustic, cast-poured look and a minimalist reverse-side depiction. This helps them stay numismatically valuable to collectors – their low premium over spot is just an added bonus that helps them remain some of the best patriotic bullion products to stack. 

Popularity Among Collectors

These bars remain extremely popular among collectors. Because they offer a high percentage of silver and a relatively large weight, Eagle 10 oz Silver Bars are a good way to invest in the value of silver without spending too much of your cash. Investors tend to enjoy the look and feel of these bars, which are highly stackable and harder to damage than small bullion coins or rounds. 

Purity and Design Specifications 

10 ounces of .9999 fine silver bullion makes these unique cast-poured bars some of the most popular patriotic bullion products to stack on the market. The obverse of this bar features a detailed and unique flying American bald eagle, as well as the weight, purity, and material of the bullion product. On the reverse, you’ll note that the piece is left intentionally blank. This is standard for bullion bars, which often feature nothing on their backsides. 

Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Silver Round

Hero Bullion is proud to offer its own addition to the best patriotic bullion products to stack. We hand-pour our own 5 oz silver rounds right here in Texas, using a custom hand-pour process to produce unique and highly collectable silver rounds for your silver portfolio. 

Why buy a hand-poured Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Silver Round? Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the design specifications that make these products so unique. 

Unique Design Details

The obverse of the Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Hand-Poured Silver Round features the bust of an American bald eagle against a textured background, as well as eighteen stars around the outside of the piece. We hand-pour each one of our rounds, so they develop a unique, rustic, antique look which collectors love. 

On our round’s reverse, you’ll note a small Hero Bullion logo, along with the weight, purity (.999), and material of the round. Each round also comes with a collectable drawstring pouch. 

Hand-Poured Finish

Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Hand-Poured Silver Round
Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Hand-Poured Silver Round

The hand-poured finish on these rounds is part of what makes them such distinct collectable bullion pieces. If you’re still looking for the best patriotic bullion product to stack, buying a unique round can be a good way to expand your collection in a novel way.

Our artisans use a hand-pour process, which ensures that every coin is at least slightly unique from others. Our Patriotic Eagle 5 oz Hand-Poured Silver Round is a Hero Bullion exclusive, which means you won’t find it anywhere else. 

Potential Collectable Appreciation 

We can’t guarantee that our silver rounds are a good investment. However, we will note that some of the best patriotic bullion products to stack are unique and highly collectable pieces from private mints. Smaller mints have trouble producing the high volume offered by government mints like the Royal British Mint, which means that mintage numbers are generally lower for most rounds than for coins. 

For long-term collectors, taking advantage of this gradual scarcity can be a great way to secure profit. If your coin is both unique and rare, you’re likely to see quite a bit of numismatic appreciation over time. 

Why Buy Hand-Poured Silver Rounds? 

There are several reasons why silver rounds are one of the best ways to invest in patriotic bullion products to stack. The high degree of artistry involved in hand-poured pure silver rounds makes them excellent collectable products with high potential value appreciation. Like we mentioned above, we also love the low mintage numbers enjoyed by some of the rarest and most unique silver rounds. 

American Platinum Eagle

We’ll end our list with the American Platinum Eagle. While this coin doesn’t enjoy the popularity of the American Silver Eagle, it continues to be one of the best patriotic bullion products to stack – and with good reason. Platinum spot prices are currently relatively low, which is fantastic news for investors who want to ‘buy the dip.’ Additionally, this coin from the United States Mint features the same famous patriotic imagery as the other coins in the American Eagle series. 

Platinum Eagle History and Specifications

File:1998 Tenth Ounce American Platinum Eagle.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
1/10 oz American Platinum Eagle

The Platinum Eagle actually doesn’t feature the same obverse and reverse depictions as the American Silver Eagle. This coin instead features Lady Liberty as imagined by John Mercanti on the obverse. She wears her crown and stares forward, the inscription “LIBERTY” resting above her head.

On the reverse, we see a return to the flying eagle design featured on earlier American Silver Eagles. This time, the eagle extends his wings and flies away from a rising sun. The coin is minted using .9995 pure platinum and is available in 1/10, ¼, ½, and full 1 troy oz denominations. This offers some more versatility and liquidity for investors, especially those operating with a limited amount of funding. 

Pros of American Platinum Eagles

While platinum prices are historically volatile, the market is currently down. Investors who want to expand their holdings of platinum bullion might take advantage of these low prices. Additionally, the high quality of design and exceptional fineness of this platinum coin adds to its investment appeal. Historically, Platinum Eagles have performed well on the secondary market. 

Numismatic Value to Collectors 

Both the high purity and the patriotic, culturally important designs of the American Platinum Eagle make this coin one of the best patriotic bullion products to stack. Mintage numbers for these coins are also relatively low. Bullion coins in lower denominations haven’t been produced since 2008, and mintage numbers for the 2021 Platinum Eagle were only 75,000. This is much lower than some of the world’s most popular coins. 

Whether you’re investing out of pure patriotism or for financial gain, Platinum Eagles are an excellent option for your investment portfolio. 

Final Thoughts: Top 5 Patriotic Bullion Products to Stack

Independence Day is one of the most culturally significant holidays in the United States. Outside of our own country, the holiday is celebrated around the world. The mark of our independence from England is a source of American pride, and bullion has long been used to commemorate this event – which changed the world and cemented our identity as an independent nation. 

Collectors who want to celebrate the Fourth of July can be assured that there are hundreds of patriotic bullion products to stack available on the open market. Hero Bullion sells many of these products on our website, and we’re happy to be able to offer some of the lowest premiums over spot you’ll find anywhere. 

Celebrate the Fourth of July in style and take a look at some of these exceptional patriotic bullion products. 

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