Where to Buy Palladium Bars

Posted - September 5, 2023
where to buy palladium bars

Gold. Silver. Platinum. Copper. For most new investors, these four metals are the beginning and end of bullion investment vehicles. In the twenty-first century investing market, however, this is far from true. There’s another material, one slotted to potentially replace platinum and become one of the world’s most expensive precious metals. Can you guess what it is? That’s right – palladium! If you’re wondering where to buy palladium bars, you’ve come to the perfect place. 

In this guide, we’re going to discuss where to buy palladium bars. Finding the right dealer for quality palladium bars is one of the most important aspects of investing in this exciting precious metal. We’ve got you covered; this page will explain everything you need to know about buying palladium for the first time. 

Places to Buy Palladium Bars

There are multiple options for collectors who want to expand their precious metal portfolios with high quality palladium bars. To better explain where to buy palladium bars, let’s take a closer look at five options: online retailers, local coin shops, bullion exchanges, auction houses, and private sellers. 

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Palladium Bar

Online Precious Metal Retailers

We’re partial to online bullion dealers. Part of the reason why is because Hero Bullion falls into this category. But doing business over the internet also comes with a number of important benefits. Online retailers tend to offer a wider selection than local coin shops. Especially when you want to find where to buy palladium bars, local dealers might not have quite the inventory you’re looking for. 

It’s also impossible to deny the conveniences of buying bullion online. Transparent pricing models, the ready availability of research aides, and the gift of buying from the comfort of your own home can make online dealers one of the best options for where to buy palladium bars. 

Local Coin Shops

You might find palladium bars at your local coin shop or numismatic dealer. When you look for where to buy palladium bars, never underestimate the opportunity offered by local sellers. Local dealers don’t usually offer the extensive inventory provided by online retailers like Hero Bullion, but local distributors offer their own distinct benefits. To start, local dealers might offer certain palladium bars that could be hard to find online. Your local pawn shop or numismatic store could also allow you to negotiate prices more than massive online stores. 

Bullion Exchanges

For investors wondering where to buy palladium bars, online bullion exchanges are a great place to start. Palladium may be one of the world’s most expensive precious metals, but it hasn’t quite hit the mainstream in most localities. It might be difficult for you to find specific palladium bars from your favorite mints if you stick to local pawn shops and coin dealers. Online exchanges, by contrast, often include wide selections of the most valuable and popular palladium bars on the planet. 

Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar Front
Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar

Auction Houses

But if you want to know where to buy palladium bars that are rare or valuable, auction houses are a solid choice. Auction houses have long been one of the best places to find extremely rare bullion products, and we don’t see palladium bars as any exception. Some collectable palladium bars can be worth several thousands of dollars, and auction houses might offer you the chance to bid on palladium bars that are tough to find anywhere else. 

Private Sellers

When investors ask us where to buy palladium bars, they sometimes underestimate the opportunity offered by private sellers. We don’t recommend trawling Craigslist to find thousand-dollar palladium bars, but some private seller listings might offer quality palladium bars at a significant discount. It can be difficult to find private sellers you trust, but researching potential dealers on the internet is a prerequisite skill that every buyer needs to learn. 

Check out review websites and network with other palladium buyers and sellers. Try to avoid doing business with unknown private sellers who lack a reputation in the bullion community. Facebook groups and other social networking sites can help you get a better understanding of where to buy palladium bars from private sellers. 

Factors to Consider

What factors should you consider when trying to figure out where to buy palladium bars? We’ll cover four main considerations below: purity and authenticity, reputation of sellers, current market prices, and storage and security. 

Purity and Authenticity

Many palladium bars are minted with .9995 pure palladium bullion. While this isn’t quite the same as the .9999 purity associated with most gold bullion bars, the difference is negligible. But buyers who want to secure as much palladium for their money as possible, it is important to look for high purity palladium bars. Hero Bullion’s palladium bars feature .9995 pure palladium, which allows collectors to secure fine palladium at a reasonable price over spot. 

Palladium bars are not frequently counterfeited. Compared to some other precious metals, palladium is still relatively new. In other words, counterfeiters haven’t yet developed the tools necessary to reproduce palladium products in the quantities that they’re able to create fake gold/silver bullion bars. Still, try to do business only with respected mints and authorized distributors. If you stick to reputable dealers, you’ll guarantee that you only purchase authentic, legitimately sourced palladium bars. 

Reputation of Seller

As we explained above, the reputation of your dealers is an extremely important consideration in where to buy palladium bars. Buying directly from a mint is always a good strategy, as sovereign and respected private mints offer decades – if not centuries – of business to establish their reputations. But evaluating the reputation of your secondary dealers is also an extremely important part of researching palladium bars. Look for certified reviews from customers to figure out if your dealer is respectable. 

Current Market Prices

Like gold, silver, and platinum, palladium product base prices are determined primarily by spot price. Spot price refers to the market value of one troy ounce of pure palladium bullion. This value doesn’t account for the total cost of a palladium bar, however. All precious metal products you purchase on the open market will also include a premium over spot, which is a small fee added to the base metal value of a bar, coin, or round. Tracking current market prices and the spot price of palladium can help you figure out when it’s time to sell – or when you should buy more palladium! 

Storage and Security

Palladium is a rare and expensive metal. Even a few ounces of palladium can be worth several thousands of dollars. With an investment portfolio this expensive, it’s necessary to take steps to secure your collection against damage or theft. We recommend, at the very least, a temperature-controlled home safe. Especially valuable collections should be stored professionally. Some mints and dealers will allow you to store your bullion in their vaults for a small monthly fee. 

Securing your investment using precious metal insurance is another important strategy for high-value investors. Palladium bars might not be covered by your basic homeowners insurance. Contact your insurance provider to see if you might be able to purchase additional coverage to account for your expensive palladium bar collection. 

Resale Options

While you might want to know where to buy palladium bars now, it’ll be important to understand your resale options in the future. Once it’s time to sell palladium bars, you’ll want to do business with a dealer you trust. Never accept the first offer you see, especially if you’re holding onto a rare or numismatically valuable palladium bar. Below, we’ll explain how to do your research and get the best price possible for your palladium bars. 

Research and Due Diligence

If you’ve read more than one of our blogs, you likely already understand the importance of research and due diligence. There are hundreds of bullion dealers around the world, and finding the right one to do business with is essential. Comparing prices across multiple sellers, reading reviews, verifying credentials, checking buyback policies, and seeking expert advice are five strategies you can use to vet dealers and get the best price possible for your palladium bars. 

If you’re wondering both where to buy palladium bars and where to sell them, you’ve found the right section. Below, we’ll explain five ways that you can evaluate bullion dealers and figure out the best place to buy and sell palladium bars. 

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is one of the most important things a new bullion stacker can do. Whether you’re buying palladium bars or classic gold coins, the importance of comparative research is essential. Don’t just compare palladium bar prices across different online dealers. Take a look at the local distributors near you, including numismatic stores and pawn shops. Local shops can sometimes offer better prices on quality palladium bars – but they might also sometimes be more expensive. 

Compare prices across multiple dealers to get a better idea of how much a palladium bar is actually worth. If you’re trying to sell, you’ll want to find a site or local dealer with generous, fair offers on palladium bars. 

Read Reviews

Reviews should be your first stop when looking at where to buy palladium bars, but this same process should help you get the best price possible for your own collection of palladium products. Check out qualified reviews by buyers who have sold their bullion back to your favorite palladium dealers. These reviews can help you decide if the dealer you want to do business with has a reputation for ripping off sellers – or a stellar history of paying fair prices for palladium bars. 

Verify Credentials

To find out where to buy palladium bars, verifying the credentials of your dealer is paramount. The same is true during the reselling process. Truthfully, most popular online dealers should have at least a baseline reputation to uphold. We don’t come across many large online mints that lack the credentials necessary to sell or buy bullion. But when secondary market dealers claim to be “authorized dealers” for a government mint, we recommend doing a little bit of research to make sure this is actually the case. 

An authorized dealer is a bullion distributor who has been given permission to purchase and distribute coins directly from sovereign mints, including the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. Doing business with authorized dealers means that your purchases are approved directly by a government mint. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar Front
Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar

Check Buyback Policies

Buyback policies are regulations made by distributors. They allow consumers to sell their bullion back to their dealer after the purchase. Over time, these buyback policies can be your best friend. Dealers like Hero Bullion might actually allow you to exchange your palladium bars for store credit, which can be used on future purchases. If you want to sell old bullion products in order to obtain more expensive items, this can be a great tool. 

Buyback policies vary from distributor to distributor, so make sure to read the fine print and develop a solid understanding of the terms and conditions. Some mint distributors will only buy back certain items, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the policies offered by your own mint. When you search for where to buy palladium bars, you should also look for distributors that will buy your bullion back for a fair price. 

Seek Expert Advice

Expert opinions can help you figure out where to buy palladium bars. The analysis of certified bullion professionals can also be important when you’re ready to sell. Always look through notable bullion magazines and related resources. The opinions of investment experts can help you determine not just where to buy palladium bars, but where to look for the best possible prices. 

Final Thoughts: Where to Buy Palladium Bars

So where should you buy palladium bars? Hero Bullion offers palladium products to help you expand and diversify your precious metal collection. But we aren’t the only solid dealer out there; investors who want to know where to buy palladium bars should research carefully before doing business with a given distributor. 

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