Two Reasons You Should Be Stacking Copper Coins and Rounds

Posted - April 12, 2023
Two Reasons You Should Be Stacking Copper Coins and Rounds

Why Invest in Copper Coins and Rounds?

Typically, copper is not considered by many to be a precious metal. As a result, many investors tend to overlook copper and its play in the precious metal field. However, copper coins and copper rounds can make for a solid investment opportunity, especially for newcomers in the field of investing in precious metals.

Two-Reasons-You-Should-Be-Stacking-Copper-Coins-and-RoundsWhere and How to Buy Copper Coins and Rounds

Many may not know that copper bullion coins and rounds are routinely minted. They are neither as common nor popular as their cousins gold and silver, but collectors do seek them out. As well, many favorite coins such as the Canadian Maple, Walking Liberty, Indian Head and Buffalo coins are also minted in copper. 

So, if one might be interested in investing in copper coins and rounds, it would not be difficult to get started. A number of countries use copper in their coinage and, of course, America is one of those countries. However, since the cost of copper used in a U.S. penny actually exceeds the value of that particular coin, copper is only used as a coating over zinc. 

The point here is that copper does have its place in the precious metals field. It is a popular metal and a great conductor, used in house and automotive electrical wiring. It is also needed in the construction of electric generators, computers, lights, motors, radios and televisions. Therefore, copper’s demand as an industrial metal will always be high. 

Two Good Reasons to Stack Copper Coins

As the global population expands, so will its reliance on precious metals. Therefore, even copper has a lot of room for growth. One considerable study called ‘The Future of Copper’ calls for the urgent need for copper supplies to rise rapidly over the coming years. This study also suggests that global copper demand will roughly double by 2035 so, yes, the obvious potential for growth is a primary reason to have a closer look at stacking copper coins. 

However, there’s also the simple beauty of a perfectly minted copper coin. While not as shiny and impressive as gold, copper coins are unique in their presentation. This is why there are many collectors who purposely choose to stack copper coins and simply for the sake of its look. 

A properly minted copper coin can be a thing of beauty. A 1 oz copper round, such as this Buffalo Nickel 1 oz copper round, does catch the eye for its unexpected glow and color. So, it’s easy to see why collectors are in the copper stacking game.

As mentioned, it’s not as rare and valuable as other precious metals, but copper rounds still have a place in the game. Maybe copper appeals to you as a long-term investment or, perhaps, you like the idea of stacking coins as a proud collector. Either way, copper coins allow for an easy, low-risk option for your investment portfolio.

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