Is Titanium a Good Investment?

Posted - January 5, 2024
is titanium a good investment

When we discuss precious metals, we usually talk about the most popular bullion metals. Gold, silver, and platinum always come to mind for stackers who are asked about their favorite metals to invest in. 

While it’s true that gold, silver, and platinum dominate global sales of precious metal coins, bars, and rounds, investors do have quite a bit more to choose from. Titanium is a metal with a growing following of stackers. To some savvy investors, the cheap price of titanium pairs with its high industrial demand to make it an attractive alternative to expensive gold and silver. 

Is titanium a good investment? And why would anyone in their right mint stack titanium bars and rounds instead of classic gold or silver products? We’ve got you covered in today’s Bullion Academy guide. At the end of the day, we find that titanium is an underrated precious metal for a few different reasons. 

Aside from being one of the most in-demand metals on the planet, titanium can be beautiful and offer investors a cheap way to put their money on precious metals. 

What is Titanium?

Titanium is a relatively common metal used in several important industries. Aside from military technology, which makes up the lion’s share of applications for titanium, titanium finds its way into medical tools, dental tech, sporting goods, and hundreds of different industries. 

Titanium rounds and bars can also be a good investment. This is especially true for investors who believe in putting their money on metals with real-world applications and a high degree of industrial demand. 

Is titanium a good investment? To really answer this question properly, we’ll need to take a look at the shockingly recent history of titanium as a mineable metal. 

History of Titanium 

Although it may be shocking to some readers, titanium isn’t actually all that old compared to other precious metals. The first titanium was discovered by English mineralist William Gregor in Cornwall, Great Britain. He named the precious metal after the Titans, a group of beings that preceded the Gods in the Greek mythological canon. 

Relatively quickly, researchers figured out that titanium is not rare. While we call it a ‘precious metal’ for the purposes of this guide, there’s nothing rare about titanium. In fact, it’s one of Earth’s most abundant metals. Almost every living thing on Earth contains titanium, and you can find it all over Earth’s crust. Is titanium a good investment, despite its abundance? Because titanium is used in a number of essential industries, it’s no surprise that most stackers consider titanium a solid investment choice. 

Titanium today is known for its military applications. But it wasn’t always considered an important military asset. During the 1950s, Soviet scientists introduced titanium in a number of military technologies, including submarines and aircraft. The rest of the world followed suit during the Cold War – and the rest is history! 

What is Titanium Used For? 

Today, titanium is one of the world’s most in-demand metals. Is titanium a good investment in 2024? Absolutely. Investors with an interest in buying high-demand metals should give titanium a second look. While it might not offer the prestige of gold or the shine of platinum, titanium has worked its way into almost all of the global industries that humanity relies upon. 

Titanium’s most important use is in the military. All sorts of military technologies and tools use titanium. Warplanes, guns, and even submarines use titanium. But the importance of titanium doesn’t end on the battlefield. 

On the homefront, titanium is a core component of many medical and dentistry technologies. Without titanium, prosthetic legs and arms would be nearly impossible. Have you ever needed a dental implant? Good luck getting one in a world without titanium! 

And who could forget the newest iPhone, which is made using titanium? Each day, you interact with hundreds of items that make use of titanium. Why is titanium a good investment? For us, the metal’s unparalleled degree of industrial demand helps make it a great choice for a diverse precious metal portfolio. 

Can You Invest in Titanium? 

You can invest in titanium! There are several different ways to bet on titanium, and we’ll take a closer look at each one of them later in our guide. Is titanium a good investment for your portfolio? We like to recommend non-traditional metals like titanium to investors who need to add some diversity to their precious metal stack. 

Because of titanium’s extreme level of industrial use, it can be a great way to break your dependency on the volatile gold, silver, and platinum markets. 

How to Invest in Titanium 

Is titanium a good investment for your portfolio? If you think titanium is right for you, we’ll need to take a look at some of the best ways to invest in titanium. 

Deciding on a Titanium Product

When is titanium a good investment? Generally, investors put their money on titanium when they believe that the metal’s industrial demand will increase in the near future. During times of war or violence, titanium tends to become more valuable. 

Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Bar
Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Bar

If titanium is the next metal you’d like to add to your growing portfolio, you’ll need to make an important choice. There are two main ways to invest in titanium: bars and rounds. Both choices allow you to profit from increases to the spot price of titanium bullion, but there are some important differences you should be aware of. 

Titanium Bars

Titanium bars are a fantastic way to invest in titanium. Is titanium a good investment, despite high premiums? If premiums are a big concern for you, pure titanium bars from Hero Bullion might be a way to invest in titanium without breaking the bank. 

As we’ve discussed multiple times on the Bullion Academy blog, the main benefit of bullion bars is the low premiums they offer. Rounds and coins are expensive to produce, and this cost is kicked back onto the consumer. Bars are often much simpler and feature basic, classic designs. 

For this reason, titanium bars are a good way to invest in titanium for cheap. When is titanium a good investment? We think titanium is a great investment if you can find cheap, low-premium titanium bars. 

Titanium Rounds

Titanium rounds are another good option if you think titanium is the right choice for your portfolio. Why is titanium a good investment? We’ve talked a lot about titanium’s industrial applications in this guide, but it’s also important to note that this metal can be beautiful. 

While it might not offer the brilliant shine we’ve come to expect from gold, silver, and platinum, some companies are producing beautiful titanium rounds that pay homage to the metal’s history and science. The Element 1 Pound Titanium Round is a good example. This large titanium round features the periodic table symbol for Titanium and includes an impressive 99.9% pure titanium. 

You might sometimes pay higher premiums for titanium rounds than you would for bars, so that is something to consider for budget-conscious investors. Hero Bullion works hard to keep our titanium premiums low to help you stack without busting that budget. 

Comparing Prices for Titanium 

Once you’ve decided between titanium bars and rounds, you should compare prices across multiple dealers and mints. Hero Bullion’s prices are always competitive, but we still recommend doing your own research to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible for your titanium. 

Is titanium a good investment at these prices? Only you can decide if titanium prices are low enough to justify a new purchase. If you think that demand for titanium might increase in the next few years, it might be worth buying a low-premium titanium bar or round. 

Tracking the Titanium Market 

Tracking the market is an important step in any precious metal investment. The phrase, “buy low and sell high” is a trope for a reason. When is titanium a good investment? When titanium prices are low, it might be time to buy. 

Pros and Cons of Investing in Titanium 

Like with any other precious metals product, there are pros and cons to putting your money on titanium. Is titanium a good investment overall? We’ll help you make up your mind as we walk readers through the advantages and disadvantages to buying titanium rounds and bars. 

Pros to Investing in Titanium 

As you can probably already tell, we’re bullish on titanium bars and rounds. 3 main benefits of investing in titanium include the metal’s low price, high durability, and extreme industrial demand. Together, these benefits make a compelling case for titanium as your next precious metal investment. 

Extremely Cheap 

Titanium is cheap – and we mean really cheap. Let’s compare the price of titanium to silver. Right now, a single American 1 oz Silver Eagle will run you anywhere from $30 to $40. For that same price, you can get nearly a full pound of pure titanium in the form of a titanium bar or round. 

Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Round
Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Round

Cheapness doesn’t automatically make titanium a good investment, though. Is titanium a good investment for budget investors? We think so. Titanium’s low price helps make it easier for you to put your money on a lot of metal without overspending. 

Highly Durable 

Titanium’s extremely high durability is one reason why it’s so valuable for industrial purposes. You can use titanium for quite a long time without damaging it. While we don’t imagine that you’ll be firing shots out of your titanium bars or rounds, it’s still reassuring to know that your investment won’t become easily scratched or destroyed over time. 

This high durability demonstrates one reason why titanium is such a good investment. The metal is highly durable and can be used in advanced military technologies like submarines without sustaining damage. 

Industrial Demand 

Industrial demand is the biggest reason to buy titanium. Why is titanium a good investment? To most titanium stackers, this metal is fantastic because its value is based on more than just its scarcity. In fact, titanium isn’t valuable because of its rarity at all. Despite such a high circulating supply, titanium is valuable because it is useful. 

When you invest in gold or silver, you’re mostly betting that the scarce precious metals will become more valuable to investors in the future. This isn’t the case for titanium, which gets the bulk of its trading value from its industrial applications. 

Cons to Buying Titanium Bars and Rounds

Titanium bars and rounds for sale also come with a couple of distinct disadvantages. High premiums over spot price and a very limited variety make titanium a tougher sell to some modern investors. Is titanium a good investment? Maybe not, if you’re someone who hates premiums and wants variety in their investments. 

High Premiums Over Spot Price

Titanium is extremely cheap. However, processed titanium comes with high premiums over spot price. Part of this comes from the durability of titanium, which is one of its main benefits. Titanium is highly durable, which means it requires both high temperatures and specialized skills to work with. 

Because it’s difficult to make bars and rounds out of titanium, expect to pay some pretty high premiums over spot price to get your hands on them. Is titanium a good investment, considering the high premiums? Because of titanium’s high industrial demand, the metal may still be worth buying if you’re looking to diversify your precious metal portfolio. 

Very Limited Variety 

The limited variety of titanium products is another con to investing in this relatively underrated precious metal. If you look around online, you’ll find very few companies offering high quality titanium bars and rounds. Even on our website, we only offer a few titanium products. 

Is titanium a good investment? 

Final Thoughts: Is Titanium a Good Investment? 

Is titanium a good investment for your precious metal portfolio? Absolutely. When we consider titanium’s extremely high industrial demand, unsurpassed durability, and low entry cost, it’s clear that titanium is one of the hidden gems of the precious metals market. 

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