Why Stack Junk Silver?

Posted - July 26, 2023
Why Stack Junk Silver?

The Reasons Why Collectors Love to Stack Junk Silver

When it comes to stacking junk silver, you have your serious players and your casual lookie-loos. Either way, stacking junk silver can be a fun and lucrative choice when it comes to investing in coinage. So, who stacks junk silver?

Many who stack junk silver are collectors who don’t initially have a lot of money to buy or invest in the traditional precious metals market. As a result, buying a gold or platinum coin or coins is not a practical choice at that moment. Therefore, junk silver reads as a workable and affordable option. 

What is Junk Silver?

If you’re interested in stacking junk silver, you might want to know a little more about what it actually is. Junk silver is a minted silver coin released prior to 1965. These coins contain 90 percent silver whereas coins minted after that year are typically a medley of different, less precious elements such as copper and nickel. 

So, right away you can see that stacking junk silver can be a lucrative choice. Minted silver coins leading up to 1965 have some real value because of their strong silver content. As well, it’s always possible that stacking junk silver could lead to rare finds. 

The Big Win in Stacking Junk Silver

Stacking junk silver is more for collectors but can be an investor’s dream come true as well. Why? Because rarities can be found when it comes to stacking junk silver and, well, rare coins make investors and collectors alike very happy. It’s not terribly uncommon to come across junk silver that contains some sort of varietal or specific defect that is often missed by other collectors. That’s where the thrill of the hunt comes into play. 

Another win here is the obvious liquidity factor. Junk silver can be bought or sold quickly and without much effort and at varying volumes to suit your specific investment or liquidation needs. It’s also worth noting that junk silver generally carries a low premium over the spot market price of silver. 

However, sometimes it’s not just about stacking junk silver. Investors might also be on the lookout for a specific coin or coins that can act nicely as a hedge against potential inflation. So, whether you go in big or small, stacking junk silver is an effective and affordable choice as it comes to diversifying your portfolio. 

Is Stacking Junk Silver for You?

Overall, stacking junk silver provides investors and collectors alike the opportunity to buy into the precious metals market quickly and easily. The premiums are generally low and, for many on the collector’s side of things, it can become something of a hobby. The hunt for rare or special coins or coinage can become a thrill all unto itself. For many, stacking junk silver is one of the more entertaining options when it comes to investing in the precious metals market.

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