Triplet 10X Jeweler’s Magnifying Loupe

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The Triplet 10x Jeweler’s Magnifying Loupe is perfect for inspecting your coin collection for scratches and imperfections. The “triplet” part of the loupe is the combining of three lenses allowing you to see an object magnified ten times. The image is also not distorted around the edges like a non-triplet loupe. This is because the lenses correct each other eliminating the distortion.


Key features:

  • Foldable design so it takes up less space
  • 10x magnification
  • Protective box for storage


A Jeweler’s Loupe is a must for jewelers as they inspect rings and look at precious stones all day. This isn’t just a need for jeweler’s, though. Coin collectors need a jeweler’s loupe to inspect their coins for scratches, deterioration, and imperfections. When you are looking to purchase a coin from the secondary market, in particular, you want to be able to really look closely at the coin to be sure you are buying what you think you are buying. You want to inspect coins that aren’t on the secondary market as well due to a rise in counterfeiting. Many mints now include anti-counterfeiting measures that can’t be seen easily with the naked eye with tincture lines, microlaser technology, and holograms with images embedded in them. 


A Triplet 10x Jeweler’s Magnifying Loupe is the superior choice for inspecting coins as you get a greater magnification than a magnifying glass. This is critical to seeing the detail in many coins. The three lenses fused together in the triplet loupe eliminate distortion around the edges that you get from a magnifying glass. This is due to the lenses correcting for each other. No more moving the coin around so it isn’t in the distorted part. The whole image is clear.


Get the Triplet 10x Jeweler’s Magnifying Loupe and see your collection in greater detail. 



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