Illegal Gold Mining in the Amazon

Posted - June 28, 2022
Illegal Gold Mining in the Amazon

What Does Illegal Gold Mining Mean to You?

It might seem an unfamiliar notion but, yes, there is such a thing as illegal gold mining, and it happens mostly in the Amazon’s abundant basin. Most recently gold was illegally mined in Brazil’s Madeira River, prompting a fortune of everyday gold hunters to swarm the area, much like America’s 19th century gold rush. As a result, illegal gold mining causes issues with the immediate Amazonian environment and affects the health and welfare of local natives. 

This can create a troubling ripple effect that reaches across borders. And because it’s gold we’re talking about, it’s only too easy to bribe officials to look the other way. As a result, it has been determined that a good deal of this illegal gold is currently in the marketplace, ready for purchase. 

How to Avoid Purchasing Illegally Mined Gold and Other Precious Metals

If you are an avid or first-time investor in precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium or even platinum and you’re interested in the coin or bullion market, be sure to research your options so that you can avoid supporting these illegal merchants. One idea is to contact local or online precious metal dealers such as Hero Bullion so you know that your investment in gold is authentic and backed by solid assurances that your purchase isn’t subsidizing illegal Amazonian traders. 

It’s also a safe bet to look to big hitters such as the U.S. Mint for a reputable inventory of collectible coins and bullion. Other international mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint (Australia) also come to mind, to name an ever so few. To the point, there is a trove of options as it comes to making an authentic investment into precious metals without supporting illegal gold mining in the Amazon. 

So, do your due diligence.  A little bit of research goes a long way here and also helps you to avoid potential traps or misfires like buying into illegally mined Amazonian gold.

The Demand for Precious Metals is on the Rise

Over the course of the coming decades, the demand for precious metals such as gold and especially silver will be on the rise. Gold will become increasingly rare, and silver is leaving its own precious mark in a variety of industries like the booming world of solar power. Platinum and palladium are also in high demand in industries such as automotive manufacturing which shows no signs of slowing. 

So, yes, it’s a good time to get into the market as a newcomer or expand your existing portfolio to include precious metals. From here forward, the indicators clearly suggest that precious metals are nearing some new, fertile ground. This is mostly because these metals are super conductive which is a highly-prized property as it comes to emerging technologies. 

So, make sure that your investment is sound, that it’s not treading on lesser choices such as the illegal Amazonian gold market. A proper and well researched investment will not only protect you against stumbling economies and potential inflation but serve you and your family well for generations to come. And it will also do your mind and heart good to know that you haven’t accidentally bankrolled harmful agents in the illegal gold trade such as the illegal gold mining in the Amazon.

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