Best Coins to Buy in 2024

Posted - January 30, 2024
best coins to buy in 2024

2024 is already shaping up to be a great year for precious metal stackers. Whether you’re a fan of gold, silver, or platinum, the world’s biggest mints have started releasing new editions of some of the fan-favorite bullion coins and bars. 

Even collectors of lesser-known precious metals like palladium and rhodium are in for a treat as 2024 gets warmed up. Private and public mints alike have hit the ground running with beautiful coins made with all kinds of investment friendly metals. As we round out the first month of this new year, collectors have quite a bit to choose from as you search for your next investment. 

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best coins to buy in 2024. This Hero Bullion guide has something for everyone. We’ll explain the top gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins coming out in 2024 to help you get ready for a fantastic year of bullion stacking! 

2024 – a Big Year for Bullion Coins 

We’ve already seen a few 2024 coin releases premiered at the tailend of 2023. Aside from industry staples like the American Eagle and British Britannia, we’ve also seen some promising work in popular coin series like the Tudor Beasts collection. 

The year is still new, so we anticipate that Hero Bullion’s selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins will continue to grow throughout 2024. Still, the number of beautiful coin’s we’re seeing means great things for precious metal stackers everywhere. 

In short, 2024 is poised to be a big year if you’re a precious metal investor. As the world’s mints bring their very best minting technology to keep up with skyrocketing demand from coin collectors, we’re excited to see what else hits the stage this year in the bullion coin space. 

Is it a Good Time to Buy Precious Metals Right Now? 

Before we get into the best coins to buy in 2024, let’s take a look at precious metal market conditions heading into the year. The good news for precious metal stackers is that the entire market is on the rise. 

Fortune Business Insights finds that the global precious metal market size increased from 261.94 billion to 275.40 billion from 2020 to 2021. According to their projections, the market could skyrocket to a total value of 403.08 billion in the next seven years. 

Those are the macros – the big picture stuff. But even on a smaller scale, it seems that precious metals are moving in a great direction for investors looking to grow their portfolios. As geopolitical tensions rise in Europe and North America, many investors are turning to precious metals to shield their assets from uncertainty. 

Troubling economic indicators in the United States add fuel to the fire. Traditionally, gold and other precious metals tend to rise in value during times of economic instability. Is now a good time to buy precious metals? According to leading investment experts, the uncertainty of 2024 is a promising sign for the future value of the world’s most in-demand precious metals. 

Best Coins to Buy in 2024

Gold, silver, and other metals may be a good investment as we head into a heavily contested election season with sub-optimal key economic indicators in many parts of the world. But where should you be putting your money? 

While we’re excited to see so many mints producing high quality bullion coins in 2024, the sheer number of options can seem overwhelming – especially to new investors. 

That’s why our team has carefully reviewed the scene to bring you our picks for the best coins to buy in 2024. Are you a gold stacker, or is platinum more your speed? Maybe you prefer the classic, steady appeal of silver over the high priced shine of gold and platinum. 

No matter which precious metal you like, we’ve got you covered with some of the best coins to buy in 2024. 

The best coins to buy in 2024 fall into four main categories: 

  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Platinum Coins; and
  • Palladium Coins

Keep reading for a breakdown of our favorite investment-grade coins for 2024. 

Gold Coins

Gold coins are a time-honored tradition among investors. For thousands of years, gold coins have been an excellent way to store wealth and safeguard assets against uncertainty and economic strife. 

The two best gold coins to buy in 2024 include the American Gold Eagle and the British Gold Britannia. Both coins have dominated the gold coin market for decades, and the mints behind them have helped make 2024 an unprecedented year for fans of beautiful gold coins. 

2024 American Gold Eagle Coin 

In 2024, the U.S. Mint offers investors the third release of their new ‘Type 2’ design for the American Gold Eagle. This coin is minted with a standard fineness of .9167, and the Type 2 reverse-side design has already become a popular feature for investors. 

On the Type 2, the American Gold Eagle Coin features the close-up profile of a bald eagle. This national symbol of the United States looks as majestic as ever, and its feathers are rendered in exceptional detail against the pure gold backdrop of the classic gold coin. 

The obverse keeps to the American Eagle tradition. On this side of the coin, you’ll find Lady Liberty as she walks away from both a rising sun and the United States Capitol. Her gown seems to flow in the wind, and she carries both an olive branch and a torch. 

This coin has been one of the most popular in the world for decades – and it’s poised to make a big splash among collectors in 2024. 

2024 British Gold Britannia Coin

Jumping across the pond, we round out our top two best gold coins to buy in 2024 with the British Gold Britannia Coin. The main change this year is the obverse-side depiction of Britain’s monarch. Until her death, Queen Elizabeth had been the only face to ever decorate the Gold Britannia from the Royal Mint. 

2024 1 oz British Gold Britannia Coin
2024 1 oz British Gold Britannia Coin

Now, the obverse of the coin will feature a left-facing King Charles III, who recently assumed the Crown of England. His simple portrait features no jewelry, but a textured background adds a bit of swagger to the appearance of the 2024 Gold Britannia. 

On the obverse, we see another feminine personification. This time, it’s Britannia, a symbol used to represent the British Isles since Romans ruled the land over one thousand years ago. Set against a wavelike background that doubles as a security feature, she wears a flowing gown and her classic war helm. She carries both the shield of England and a trident as she stands on a rocky cliffside. 

Silver Coins 

Any list of the best coins to buy in 2024 would be incomplete without showing some love to the silver stackers out there. Our picks: check out the 2024 American Silver Eagle and the 2024 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. 

2024 American Silver Eagle Coin 

The distinctive American Silver Eagle has been a dominating force on the silver coin marker since its first release in 1986. The U.S. Mint doesn’t disappoint with their newest edition of the country’s national silver bullion coin. 

On the reverse, find an eagle in flight. America’s national bird is shown in exceptional detail on this coin as it flies through the air while carrying a single olive branch. The eagle looks especially beautiful as it flies along the middle of the .999 fine silver coin. 

The obverse of this coin features another rendition of classic Lady Liberty. She walks toward a rising sun on this coin, gesturing proudly toward the left as the American flag draped around her sways in the wind. She carries a bundle of branches in her arms, and her trademark gown flows all around her. 

2024 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 

Taking a trip up North to Canada, we find another contender for one of the best coins to buy in 2024: the 2024 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin. This coin’s obverse represents King Charles III’s first appearance on Canadian Royal Mint coinage since he assumed power in England. He wears a suit and tie and looks toward the left. 

2024 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
2024 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Flip the coin over for a familiar sight: Canada’s national symbol, the maple lead. The leaf is rendered in exceptionally fine detail, and the coin’s purity of 99.99% is displayed prominently on either side of the centered maple leaf. 

Platinum Coins 

Looking for something cheaper than gold but a bit classier than silver? Two of the best platinum coins to buy in 2024 include the Tudor Beasts Seymour Unicorn and Austrian Philharmonic. 

2024 Tudor Beasts Seymour Unicorn Platinum Coin

The latest edition of the Tudor Beasts Series, the Seymour Unicorn Platinum Coin is sure to become a favorite for collectors around the globe. Each release in this series celebrates the heraldic beast of one part of the Tudor family’s royal lineage. 

On this coin, the beast of choice is the Unicorn of House Seymour. The beautiful creature carries a shield bearing the crest of the family and appears to be bucking. Oh, and did we mention the coin’s .9995 purity? This makes it eligible for inclusion in a precious metal IRA, according to IRS standards. 

As you might expect, the obverse of the coin features a familiar portrait of King Charles III, as well as his royal title. 

2024 Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin

One of our most unique picks for the best coins to buy in 2024 is the classic Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin. You won’t find a monarch on either side of this storied 99.95% pure bullion coin. In fact, you won’t find any humans at all in its designs! 

The obverse of the coin instead emphasizes Vienna’s most important cultural landmark, the Musikverein. Located in Vienna’s world renowned music hall, this massive pipe organ decorates the obverse of the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin and is rendered in unprecedented detail. 

2024 1 oz Austria Platinum Philharmonic Coin
2024 1 oz Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin

Eight instruments make up the reverse side of this top coin of 2024. On this side of the coin, you’ll find four violins, a cello, a Vienna horn, a bassoon, and a harp. The unique combination of imagery on this coin has helped to cement its place as one of the best platinum coins for investing.  

Palladium Coins 

Palladium isn’t the world’s most popular precious metal, but a growing number of investors find palladium coins to be an excellent choice for diversifying their precious metal portfolios. Our pick picks for the best coin to buy in 2024 for palladium stackers: the American Palladium Eagle. Read more about the highly anticipated palladium coin from the renowned U.S. Mint below. 

2024 American Palladium Eagle Coin

This coin has not technically been released yet. The U.S. Mint website says that the Palladium Eagle will likely be available for sale in Fall of 2024. But if previous releases of the coin tell us anything, palladium stackers are in for a treat. 

The obverse side of the coin features yet another new version of Lady Liberty. Here, she wears wings in her hair, reminding us of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. She stares into the right side of the coin. 

On the reverse, we find one of the most imaginative versions of the American bald eagle to date. The eagle rips a small shrub out of the ground amid an arid desert landscape. In a way, the coin’s reverse-side design reminds us of the eagle depictions found on modern Mexican Libertad Coins! 

While we don’t quite know what the 2024 American Palladium Eagle will look like, evidence from past years suggests that it might very well be one of the best coins to buy in 2024. 

Final Thoughts: What Are the Best Coins to Buy in 2024? 

There we have it! 2024 is going to be a big year for bullion stackers everywhere. Mints around the globe are working hard to release beautiful gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins to capitalize on a growing demand for precious metal products.

We’re excited to offer our customers some of the best coins to buy for 2024, and we hope you’ll trust us with your next investment! 

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