2022 Britannia Gold Coin

Posted - October 2, 2023
2022 Britannia Gold Coin

The beautiful British Gold Coins produced by the British Royal Mint has always been a favorite for gold stackers. The Royal Mint itself boasts an incredibly long history. While it originated over 1,000 years ago in 886, the actual unification of the Royal Mint system came at around 1279. Since then, the mint has continually produced some of the most popular gold coins in the world. But if we had to pick one coin that represents all that the British Royal Mint has to offer, there’s a clear winner. 

Our 2022 Britannia Gold Coin represents the very best of the British Royal Mint. Continuously minted since 1987, the coin features an obverse depiction of Britain’s current monarch. On the reverse, you’ll note a beautiful piece of art that represents one of Britain’s most enduring symbols – Lady Britannia. In today’s blog piece, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin. 

2022 Britannia Gold Coin Designs 

The 2022 Britannia Gold Coin looks quite a bit like previous editions of the piece. This is one of the things we love about the Britannia. Each year, you can find the same familiar reverse-side depiction of Britannia. We’ll explain more about Britannia later in this section. For now, you should know that the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is the last coin in the series to feature a standard obverse-side depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Obverse Design Features

Like many of the coins produced by Britain-affiliated mints, pieces in the Gold Britannia series highlight the current monarch of Britain. Because these coins have only been minted for around thirty years, only one Queen appears on most modern editions: Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, she seems to age with the coin series. As the Queen grew older, artwork of her shifted periodically on the Britannia Gold Coin. 

The Queen died in September of 2022. This sent shockwaves around the world, but coinage was especially affected. Take the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin as an example. This piece is the last in the series to exclusively feature the traditional Queen Elizabeth obverse design. Here, she’s shown in advanced age and wears both her pearl earring and her crown. 

The 2023 Gold Britannia offers a “Queen Type.” This coin displays the same familiar image of Queen Elizabeth II, but with the dates of her reign listed to the left of her head. This means that the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is actually the last coin of our Britannias that will include an obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II without the new reign dates. 

Britannia’s Description 

On the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin, you’ll find the same depiction of Britannia that has decorated the reverses of each Gold Britannia since the coin’s initial release. She wears a crown, as well as her classic flowing gown. In her left arm, she holds the Shield of Britain. In her right, note a massive trident. She stands on a rocky shore, and a unique wavelike background and micro engraving add an additional layer of security to the coin. 

2023 British 1/2 oz Gold Britannia - Queen Type
Gold Britannia Reverse

Britannia isn’t just found on the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin. Even before the British Royal Mint released the very first Gold Britannia, Lady Britannia was a centuries-old symbol for the British Empire and its culture. While Lady Liberty isn’t nearly as old, many people consider it an easy analog to Britannia. Both images function as female personifications of the countries that helped to create them. 

Symbolism on the Coin

Our 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is exceptionally rich in symbolism. Like most government bullion coins, its design has been meticulously shaped to represent the culture, history, and spirit of the people it represents. Let’s take a look at how the obverse and reverse of the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin invoke Britain’s rich cultural heritage. 

We’ll start with the easy part: the obverse. On the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin, collectors are treated to a detailed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin was released prior to her death, which happened in September of 2022. As a result, this coin is the last in the Gold Britannia series that will feature Queen Elizabeth in her original design. 

Throughout the history of the Britannia Gold Coin series, her design has shifted considerably. While the basic visage of Britain’s famed monarch has remained largely unchanged, her depiction on the British Gold Britannia aged along with her. Periodically, coin obverses in the series would be updated to more accurately reflect the latest appearance of Queen Elizabeth II.

Flip the coin over, and you’ll find what is likely an even more poignant cultural symbol for Great Britain. While historians don’t quite agree on the precise origins of Britannia as a symbol for the British Empire, some researchers trace it all the way back to classical antiquity. Romans used the symbol to represent Rome’s British province. She represents everything that proud Britains love about their country; beauty, strength, and independence. 

Variations and Series

Like we mentioned earlier, the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin isn’t an isolated piece of bullion history. Instead, it belongs to a long tradition of coins produced by the world’s most popular mint. The first gold version of the Britannia was released in 1987, and it’s been a staple of the precious metals trade ever since. 

2023 British 1/4 oz Gold Britannia - Queen Type
2023 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Coin

Despite the consistent obverse imagery on the coin, there are a few notable variations that you should know about. Proof versions of the Britannia Gold Coin frequently feature minor differences. On the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin’s proof, you’ll find three different Britannias shown at different angles. 

Specifications and Minting Details

We’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing this coin’s brilliant detail and exceptional cultural imagery. But investors in the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin want to know about the coin’s specifications and minting details. We’ll discuss the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin’s weight and dimensions, purity and fineness, limited edition features, minting techniques, and packaging and certifications in the next subsections. 

Weight and Dimensions 

The good news for gold stackers on a budget is that the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is available in fractional weights. Instead of having to part with thousands of dollars for a single coin, savvy investors might instead opt to buy a ¼, ½, or 1/10 oz variation. In addition to helping you save on overall cost, these coins offer the same beautiful designs that characterize our classic 1 oz 2022 Britannia Gold Coin. 

Purity and Fineness

The fineness of the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is .9999. For fans of global coins, it’s important to note that this is actually a higher purity than coins like the American Gold Eagle offer. The American Gold Eagle, for example, is minted with a purity of only .9167. There are both pros and cons to this increased fineness. While the brilliant shine and feel of a .9999 fine gold bullion coin is a major draw, it might result in a piece that’s more malleable and susceptible to damage. 

Limited Edition Features

Certain limited releases of the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin might feature unique reverse-side artworks. We’re particularly interested in the “three Britannia” proof coin released in 2023. But even before 2023, the British Royal Mint seemed to enjoy occasionally editing their design to provide collectors with unique versions of their favorite coin. 

We haven’t yet seen a massive version of the British Gold Britannia Coin. Some coins, such as the Perth Mint’s Australian Gold Kangaroo, have been sold in exceptionally large sizes. While one of these coins hasn’t yet come out for the Britannia Gold Coin, it’s likely we’ll see some version of a large Gold Britannia in the future. 

Minting Techniques

The Royal British Mint’s minting techniques are renowned. Each coin displays the expert craftsmanship of the mint. It’s hard to look away when you’re presented with the beautiful obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II or the intricate details on Britannia’s likeness that characterize the reverse. We’ll talk more about the unique anti-counterfeiting security measures of the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin later in this guide. For now, keep in mind that the revolutionary minting technology used to make these coins help to support the British Royal Mint’s reputation as a formidable force on the bullion market. 

Packaging and Certifications 

Hero Bullion goes to great lengths to ensure that your 2022 Britannia Gold Coins arrive in perfect condition. We check all of our coins independently to make sure that they are not counterfeits, and we encourage investors to independently verify the authenticity of their Gold Britannias if they’re unsure. 

Collecting the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin 

There’s a reason why the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin release was one of the most successful in recent Royal Mint history. We tend to believe that the coin’s beauty and history of excellent performance on the secondary market helped to inform its popularity. But it might also be important to recognize that this is a historically important coin. 

Because Queen Elizabeth died in 2022 and her successor, King Charles, was crowned as the new King of England in 2023, the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin represents a collector’s last chance to celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth before she’s replaced by the new British monarch. 

2024 1 oz British Gold Britannia Coin Angle
2024 Gold Britannia Coin

Let’s dive deeper into the things that collectors should know before putting their money on 2022 Britannia Gold Coins. New collectors should understand the concepts of grading and valuation, investment potential, and where to buy and sell 2022 Britannia Gold Coins before making their first investment. 

Grading and Valuation 

Your coin’s value will always depend primarily on both condition and the spot price of gold. While the spot price of gold is volatile and can vary from day to day, collectors can hedge their bets by getting an accurate estimate of their 2022 Britannia Gold Coin’s grade and condition. 

Hero Bullion’s 2022 Britannia Gold Coins are always shipped in BU condition. BU stands for “Brilliant Uncirculated,” and it’s the highest grade that a coin can receive on the Sheldon coin grading scale. 

Investment Potential

The investment potential for Britannia Gold Coins is always high. While we don’t offer investment advice, we tend to think that the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin is an exceptionally excellent opportunity for collectors. This is the last coin in the series that will exclusively feature Queen Elizabeth II. While the 2023 Britannia Gold Coin will indeed offer a “Queen Type” with the familiar female monarch, subsequent editions of the British Gold Britannia will instead highlight England’s current king, Charles III. 

Because of this, the 2022 Britannia occupies a very special place in the history of this series. 

Where to Buy and Sell

You have several options when looking for where to buy 2022 Britannia Gold Coins. We always recommend shopping online, as online dealers are usually able to offer a wider selection of competitively priced bullion products. But if you’re shopping for the best deal possible, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at some of your local coin dealers and numismatic shops. 

Notable Features and Innovations 

Like most coins in the modern Gold Britannia series, the 2022 Britannia Gold Coin features a variety of new features and innovation to help you enrich and protect your investment. 

Security Features

We should mention two of the 2022 Gold Britannia’s most important security features. First, note the extremely fine wavelike background on the reverse of this coin. In addition to creating a beautiful scene and improving the overall appearance of the reverse, this small detail means big problems for would-be counterfeiters. 

Additionally, a small micro-engraved symbol on the reverse makes it even harder for fake coin manufacturers to replicate the look and feel of a genuine 2022 Britannia Gold Coin. 

Historical Significance 

We’ve already taken some time to discuss the historical significance of last year’s Britannia Gold Coin. Because Britain has a new King, this might well be the last opportunity for collectors who want to celebrate the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II on their bullion coins. 

Final Thoughts: 2022 Britannia Gold Coin

Hero Bullion is excited to offer a wide range of Gold Britannia Coins from the storied British Royal Mint. We hope you’ve found some information in this guide that might help you make a more informed stacking decision. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team for personalized guidance. 

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