Silver Bars

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Silver bars (commonly referred to as Silver Ingots) are perfect for dividing, easy transport, or to use as legal currency although, you may not want to part with your silver bar due to the beautiful designs some present. Silver bars have the beauty that collector’s treasure and the secure monetary value that appeals to investors: a tangible asset and .999+ pure silver. 

Minted ingots are a best-seller for investors because of the Assay assurance in their weight, purity, and silver content; the process and detail of each minted bar, IRA eligibility, and affordability with a low premium-over-spot (especially in larger bars).

Cast, hand-poured, or minted silver bars result in different aesthetics. Hand-poured bars have an earthy appearance, minted bars are precise, sheen, and delicate, with cast bars in between the two – a defined shape and size without the same sharpness. 

The majority of silver bars come from sovereign mints and refineries around the world. 

Some minted ingots have intricate, stunning designs, while others only the necessary simple markings of important characteristics.

We stand behind each product and are pleased to offer our experience to help you make the best investment minus a complicated process. 


Silver Bars, Rounds, or Coins?

Silver bullion is typically the most affordable in bars, versus coins or rounds. Silver bars are minted from private mints or government mints. Buying silver bars is an attractive investment for both new and seasoned silver investors alike. Their price is highly dependent on the silver content (purity) and weight. 

Most silver investors turn to bars instead of coins when looking to acquire the most silver ounces for their money. Not as typical a collector’s item as coins would be, but some silver bars do have the same show quality, which makes them a good contender for collectors, and a heavily traded piece.

Silver Bar Sizes and Pricing 

Typically, the premium for Silver decreases as the size of the bar increases.

Although they come in nearly any size (one of the many benefits), most investors often favor the 1-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100 oz bars. Preference for these three weights is due to their flexibility and value – the price points are lower than larger bars and their small size makes them convenient to transport and store.

Hero Bullion has 1-ounce, 5-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-ounce silver bars available. 

Trusted Mints that Produce Silver Bars:

The majority of silver bars come from sovereign mints and refineries around the world. There are several exceptional mints – some with brand power and some without, but not every mint produces each type of bullion. 


A few prominent mints that produce silver bars and the security features they offer:


  • Pamp Suisse – A World Renowned Refinery from the start of inception 30 years ago; it places the highest of integrity on its business practices, the sourcing of materials, ethics, and supply chain. Silver bars are IRA eligible. 

Security features of Pamp Suisse choice: Assay Card, Serialized Bar, Veriscan®

  • The Royal Canadian Mint – The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the few sovereign mints that produce silver bullion bars. 

Security features of Royal Canadian Mint choice: Serialized bar, micro engraving

  • The Royal Mint – They offer a buy-back service. It’s that liquid and comes with that level of assurance in quality. Recently introduced silver bar in 2018 with the image of Britannia on its surface. 

Security features of Royal Mint choice: Serialized bar

  • Asahi – An LBMA Good Delivery refiner of note. Asahi operate world-class refining and minting facilities in Salt lake City and Miami among others.

Security features of Asahi choice – LBMA good delivery status

Packaging Details:

Individual bars are shipped in sealed plastic, sometimes tamper-evident.


Why Buy Silver Bars?

Silver bars might offer the best of both worlds: Elegant artwork and affordable commodity. A tangible asset with low premium-over-spot; .999+ pure silver. If you’re new to this type of investment or have a product question, please reach out to our team. We’d love to help. 

We don’t just sell gold and Silver. Gold and silver bullion is our passion. We like to teach, inform, and provide interested customers with the information they need [however great or small] that empowers them to make the investment choice just right for them.

No high-pressure sales calls. No fees or commissions. Just gold & silver, simply delivered.