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Bigger is Better: 5 Largest Gold Coins in History

Posted - September 22, 2023
In 2021, the British Royal Mint shocked the precious metals community when they unveiled plans to create the largest gold coin in their Read More

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

Posted - September 20, 2023
The Austrian national mint doesn’t always jump to mind when we ask investors about the world’s most reputable government mints. This Read More

British Sovereign Gold Coin

Posted - September 19, 2023
The history of the Royal British Mint is long and complicated. Despite the nearly one-thousand years of minting excellence, a few coins Read More

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Posted - September 18, 2023
For decades, the Royal Canadian Mint has been one of the most important producers of precious metal products on the planet. Their most Read More

Canadian 50 Dollar Gold Coin

Posted - September 15, 2023
Canadian Gold Coins have been some of the world's most popular coins for decades. Its 1 oz denomination carries a face value of 50 CAD. Read More

50 Dollar Gold Coin

Posted - September 14, 2023
While there are hundreds of gold coins available to stackers, a group of four coins repeatedly dominate the global coin trade. We’re Read More

How Much is a Gold Double Eagle Coin Worth?

Posted - August 22, 2023
Despite massive changes to minting technology and innovation, old American gold coins remain popular investment vehicles for collectors Read More

Krugerrand Vs Maple Leaf

Posted - August 15, 2023
Typically, discussions of gold bullion coins center around a few key players: the American Gold Eagle, Gold Britannia, and Canadian Gold Read More

Why Are Krugerrands Illegal?

Posted - August 11, 2023
Krugerrands have been one of the global community’s favorite bullion coins for generations. Distributed from the South African Mint, Read More